2017.09.19 23:13

Merk & Kremont - Sad Story (Out Of Luck)

A sad story, might find it boring Lost his Mum to a drug named heroin Father's gone, so Grandma's left with everything Two grandkids and a daughter's coffinI never really knew him when he was growing up But I assumed that it was a little fucked No parents for him to look up too Just a brother whom I knew was a dodgy fuckShit, I used to think he was a dick Tried too hard to fit And never grow out..

2017.09.07 23:57


The lights were low enough, you guessed You swapped your conscience with your fathers medication Limped from Rome to Lawrenceville And on the way wrote out a self-made declaration And when you got to Pleasant Hill You forced the traffic to erase your family demons And made a pact with you and god If you don’t move I swear to you I’m gonna make ya Do you need me? Do you need me? Do you need me? D..